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Applied Technology - TOI-OHOMAI Institute of Technology 2017 Graduation (midyear)
Distribution, Commercial Road Transport L3, Goods Service 7 Heavy Combination Vehicle, Cert Carpentry L3, Nat Cert Carpentry L4, NZ Cert Construction L5, Cert for Law Enforcement L3, Cert Welding
Design & Humanities TOI-OHOMAI Institute of Technology 2017 Graduation (midyear)
Health Care, Beauty Services, Early Childhood Education, English Language, Foundation Studies, Work Skills, Study & Career Preparation
Otumoetai College Ball 2017

Otumoetai Intermediate Social 2012

Otumoetai School Social 2016

Toi Ohomai - School of Technology 2016
Welding,Engineering, Automotive, Prep for Law, Surveying, Architectural Technology, Construction Management, Surveying, Distribution, Road Transport, Road Transport Management, Trade Technology, Carpentry
Toi Ohomai - School of Design & Humanities 1.00pm
Tourism,Travel, Event Management, Travel Management, International Flight Attending, Food & Beverage, Cookery, Baking, Music Production and Performance, Fashion Studies, Art & Design, Bachelor of Creative Industries
Toi Ohomai - School of Applied Science
Animal Care,NZ Cert Animal Technology, NZ Certificate in Cookery L3, Cert in Maritime & Fishing Technology L3, Orchard Skills, National Certificate in Horticulture L2,L4, Fruit Production, Diploma In Marine Studies L6, Bachelor of Science, Cert in Sport &
Toi Ohomai - School of Design & Humanities 13 Dec 2016
Cert in English Language L2,L3,L4. Cert in Beauty Services L3, Cert in Beautician and Cosmetology L4, Cert in Beauty Therapy L5, Kahikatea - Cert in Social Service Studies L4, Cert in Work Skills L1, NZ Cert in Outdoor Experiences L3, Cert in Foundation S
Toi Ohomai - School of Business 2016
Business Administration & Computing, Cert in Computing, National Cert in Business,National Cert in Real Estate, Diploma Applied Computing, Diploma Conveyancing, Diploma in Business, NZ Diploma in Business
2016 Midyear - Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic - School of Design and Humanities
Social Service Study, Fashion Studies, Health Care, Beauty Services, Early Childhood Education, Foundation Studies, English Language
2016 Midyear - Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic - School of Technology
Welding, Prep for Law Enforcement,Engineering,Distribution,Road Transport,Heavy Vehicle Driver, Road Transport Management,Carpentry, Construction Trades Supervisor, Architectural Technology
School of Business Studies 2015
National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing, National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing, National Certificate in Business, National Certificate in Real Estate, Diploma in Conveyancing, Diploma in Business - Management,
School of Applied Science 2015
National Certificate in Animal Care, BOPP Certificate in Animal Handling, Nation Certificate in Veterinary Nursing, Fruit Production, National Certificate in Horticulture,Certificate in Kiwifruit Orchard Skills, Certificate in Sport and Health Massage, Ce
School of Business Studies 2015 -Tourism
Cafe Operations, Introduction to Cookery, NZ Certificate in Food and Beverage Service - Cafe - Restaurant, NZ Certificate in Cookery, National Certificate in Hospitality - Cookery -Front Office, Nation Certificate in Travel, Certificate in Flight Attendi
Otumoetai School Social 2015

School of Design & Humanities 2015-11am - Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Early Childhood, Certificate in Art & Design, Certificate in Fashion Studies, Diploma in Design, Certificate in Tertiary Study, Certificate in Foundation Studies, Certificate in Work Skills, Certificate in Health Care
School of Technology 2015 -Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Automotive, Welding, Engineering, Diploma Engineering, Law Enforcement, Surveying, Architectural Technology, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Distribution, Commercial Road Transport, Road Transport Management, Trades Technology, Carpentry, E
School of Design & Humanities 2015 - Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Music , Broadcasting, Beauty Services, Beautician & Cosmetology, Beauty Therapy, Social Services, Foundation Studies, ESOL
2015 Midyear BOP Poytechnic Graduation
School of Applied Technology, Carpentry,Distribution,Road Transport,Welding School of Design & Humanities - Social Service, Early Childhood, Health Care, Beauty Services.
2015 BTI Education Graduation
Bachelor of Teaching - ECE , Primary Post Graduate - Secondary Diploma ECE
2015 BTI Counselling Graduation
Bachelor of Counseling Diploma of Counseling Diploma of Family Support Individual & Family Portraits
Otumoetai School Social 2014
Year 8 School Social 16th December.
School Of Business - 2014 BOP Polytechnic Graduation
Business Administration & Computing, Business Management, NZIM Management & Small Business Management, Real Estate, Conveyancing, Diploma in Business, Diploma in Management, Applied Computing, Immigration
School of Applied Science - 2014 BOP Polytechnic Graduation
Animal Care,Vet Nursing, Horticulture, Fitness, Sport & Recreation, Bachelor of Sport & Recreation, Environmental Management, Marine Studies, Bachelor of Science
School of Business - Tourism BOP Polytechnic Graduation 2014
Cafe, Hospitality, Cookery, Front Office, Tourism, Travel, Flight Attending, Travel Management, Event Management
School of Design & Humanities 1100hrs - 2014 BOP Polytechnic Graduation
Social Service Studies, Massage, Beauty Services L3, ESOL L2 3 4, Tertiary Study, Health Care Assistance
School of Technology - 2014 BOP Polytechic Graduation
Electrical Engineering, Prep for Law, Distribution, Commercial Road Transport,Goods Service Heavy Combination Vehicle, Road Transport Management, Motor Industry Light Vehicle Strand, Welding, Engineering, Diploma in Engineering, Trades Technology, Carpent
Design & Humanities 2pm -2014 BOP Polytechnic Graduation
Graduation of Student from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic 2014 Beauty,(L4& L5) Work Skills, Radio, Music, Art, Fashion, Graphics, Design, Hairdressing, Early Childhood Education (L3), Early Childhood Education (L5)
2014 BOP Polytec Midyear Graduation
Photos taken at 2014 BOP Polytec Midyear Graduation


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