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Diploma in Applied Technology & Business
Diploma in Applied Technology (Business) L5 NZ Diploma in Business (Accounting) l5 NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership & Management) L5 NZ Diploma in Business L6

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Graduate Diploma Applied Management
Business Business Management Health Manufacturing Management Project Management

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NZ Diploma in Music Performance & Arts & Design
Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance NZ Diploma in Arts & Design

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Diploma & Bachelor of Applied Information Technology
NZ Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support L5 Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

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Graduate Diploma in Applied Information Technology, Web Design, Technical Support, Software Development
Graduate Diploma of Web Design and Development Graduate Diploma of Networking and Technical Support Graduate Diploma of Software Development Graduate Diploma of Applied Information Technology

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NZ Diploma in Construction, Surveying
Construction Management L6 Quantity Surveying L6 NZ Diploma in Surveying L6

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Diploma in Adventure Tourism, Hospitality Management, Tourism & Travel
Diploma in Adventure Tourism L5 NZ Diploma in Hospitality Management L5 NZ Diploma in Tourism & Travel L6

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Culinary Arts

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